22 Inspiring Pictures of Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Why Travel To Danakil Depression, Ethiopia?

Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression is the hottest, driest and most inhospitable region on Earth, but yet it is one of the most beautiful places we have been to. And hence it provides many opportunities for photography.

The region’s dramatic landscapes make it look like an alien land. Multicolored sulphur lakes, active volcanoes of bubbling lava, huge salt pans – all these extremes will leave you breathless. Walking in this region feels like walking on another planet.

Ethiopia is packed with beauty and diversity. The country was so impressive that we didn’t want to leave.

We hope our Ethiopia photography will inspire you to travel.

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Sulphur lake in Dallol is the most colorful, dramatic and vibrant landscape on this planet


Fifty shades of yellow


Dallol region is pure magic, full of eye-catching colors


Armed guards are mandatory to visit this Dallol region



Wonder of nature – Erta Ale volcano


Afar people working in salt mines despite extremely harsh conditions



Sulphur Lake in Dallol


Trip to Ethiopia is incomplete without tasting local Ethiopian coffee


Welcoming New Year standing at the edge of an active volcano Erta Ale


Playing on the vast salt flats


Dramatic landscapes of Danakil Depression make it look like an alien land


Cute local kids we met at our lunch place in a tiny Ethiopian village


Is it Earth or Mars?


Erupting volcano is an experience you will never forget


Getting lost in this natural marvel


Pristine sunrise


Mules & Donkeys as another mode of transport in Ethiopia


Floating in a salt lake in Ethiopia


Dry canyon in Dallol


Camels on their way to salt mines

Hope we have inspired you to travel to Ethiopia. If you have more questions leave us a comment below

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  1. The colours are so amazing ! I haven’t considered travelling to Ethiopia as yet but seems like it would be an interesting weekend getaway from Dubai. Quick flight to Addis and then this 4-day trip, sounds perfect.

  2. Amazing! I have never been to Africa before but now I think I should seriously think about it. I love it that the landscape here around Danakil Depression is just so diverse, with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The yellow color is absolutely stunning!

  3. Those lakes are seriously out-of-this-world. It definitely looks like you’ve traveled to a whole other planet! I’d never thought of visiting Ethiopia before but the volcano views and sulphur lakes look incredible. The colours are so incredibly vivid and bold!

  4. This is the first time I heard about this place and have to say, I added in my bucketlist, it seems like a total different experience altogether which haven’t read about it until now.. thanks for sharing about this place.

  5. Wow, cannot believe Ethiopia has so many beautiful natural wonders! The sulphur lake is simple stunning, the vibrant colours and landscapes is nothing like I have seen before. And what a cool way to call in new years at the foot of an active volcano. Everything looks so amazing!

  6. What an amazing place to visit with such colorful scenes. The Danakil Depression is prefect for Instagram photography. The Erta Ale volcano is unique too, I can’t believe how close you can get to it!

  7. Your photography looks so professional. I have one question for you. Is this Salt lake in Ethiopia similar to dead sea ? Free floating without any effort ? Thanks for sharing a unique travel post. No many I have seen like these.

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